The Men’s Lacrosse Team welcomes all donations to assist the Club with their goal of providing the best non-varsity collegiate lacrosse experience in North America for players, coaches, alumni & Spartan fans.

The Spartan’s annual operating budget exceeds $135,000 as they travel nationally to play the best Division 1 teams in the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association. The Spartans are proud to represent the Green & White but need outside support to keep player dues reasonable (player dues are currently $3,000 per year). The Club wants any Michigan State student with the skills to make the team to not be denied because of finances.

You may be surprised to learn that the team sleeps four-to-a-room and two-to-a-bed when they travel & that one hotel night at a moderately priced hotel costs the team $2,000! Similarly, a catered nutritious team lunch costs $600 while one dinner costs $1,100. When the team travels by motor coach the cost is $1,500 per day. Airfare to the national championship costs $24,000!

All donations to Michigan State are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. There are two funds available for your donation:

Men’s Lacrosse Development Account – used for annual operating expenses of the Club¬† Donate to the Men’s Lacrosse Development Account

Men’s Lacrosse Endowment Fund – started through a generous donation by the 2009 Team, this fund is used for strategic investments for the team to increase its relevance and ensure its continued operation.¬† Donate to the Men’s Lacrosse Endowment Fund